Monday, 18 October 2021

V Short Memorial Update

Hello. I hope this Monday morning (or when and wherever you are) is treating you with some grace and breathing room.

Thank you to those of you who have responded to my post and/or messages about a memorial service for Chris. I've made a provisional decision, but there is still plenty of time to send me thoughts and requests at

This week, I'll be starting preparations on a small gathering for a moment of community and solidarity between those Chris left behind, for any who might wish to attend.

- -

My last update on Chris's death:

The final coroner's inquest hearing into Chris's death has now been completed, establishing the sole cause of his death as premeditated suicide in the early morning of 1 June 2021 in North East London.

I will not be sharing the details or any further circumstances around his death publicly, nor will I field any press enquiries regarding details of his death.

To friends and close colleagues (at any point in Chris's life):

For some, knowing the details around a death like this is an important part of being able to grieve properly. If you knew Chris personally, please feel free to contact me at the above email and we can arrange a private conversation. A few folks have already asked for this, and we've had some solid conversations. I don't mind the request, and will be careful to only undertake the conversation if I feel ready & supported to do so.

To any interested press:

Now that the coroner's hearing is over, this is the most appropriate time to publish an obituary, if that is something you would still like to do.

To be clear, I am not asking for one. I am simply aware that some publications were considering an obituary or memorial-style article at the time of Chris's death, and graciously responded for my request at the time to put that on hold. 

Journalists who were in touch around June/July are welcome to get in touch again if that's something you would still like to do and might like to discuss with me.

- - 

Hope that's clear.

Looking forward to my next blog post, which will finally be back to what this space was for - weird work I've quietly doing that has some ratio of animals, anarchy, access, & AM frequencies.


In care & solidarity always,


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